Some Tips On Astute Solutions Of Bodybuilding

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Baye heard about Clarke’s story and knew it would resonate with the public. Baye’s a bodybuilder himself. A former Mr. Wisconsin, he presented Clarke with the “Most Inspirational” award that day after he placed fifth. They quickly developed a friendship. Plus, Baye's article was one of the reasons Clarke's story got picked up nationally. Coach and training partner Jeff Kosor checks Collin Clarke's spray tan before getting a last-minute touch-up in the spray booth during the Indiana Muscle bodybuilding competition at the Old National Dress Plaza event in March of 2018. Eventually, Jodie and her husband, Carter, asked if Baye would become Clarke’s trainer, even though he lives in Appleton, Wisconsin. They talk every day. Baye develops the training regimen and diet, and Clarke follows it loyally. They’re a team, proving that if you are willing to work, you also can accomplish more than you would’ve ever imagined.

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